Friday, 4 December 2009

Location Location Location @ Leeds Armories

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Leeds On Location

We had a brief to meet in Leeds on location at the Royal Armories building at 9AM, I found the challenge of getting there for 9AM quite good as i had to travel from Barnsley to Wakfield then to Leeds, I made it on time!

When i got there i turned my camera on and it wouldn't read my SD card, The first problem of the day, I tried many different cards and still the same problem so my camera was pretty much out for the day, which means that a backup body is a must in the professional world if one goes down your left access to another camera.

I also had another camera on me but it was a Mamiya Twin Reflex, I loaded the medium format film, wound it on, tried to shoot and the shutter wouldn't release, yet another problem! So i was really in a rut now, lucky enough with us been in a large group i was borrowed a camera to nip round and get some shots, Here are the series of 4 i chose for the brief.

This shot is of the stainless steal supports on the Royal Armories front entrance, i was looking for lines and interesting angles to show how modern and stylish this building is, I tried shots from side angles and looking above and they didn't work the reflections didn't sit how I wanted them to. So i decided to stand on a bench stone and look square on and up to the metal supports, I wanted the texture of the metal to come out of the photograph, I liked how the windows were reflecting a gradient type effect on the image.

If i went back to shoot this again if the client was The Royal Armories i would have asked if they could get up and clean the windows! that is the only downfall of the image i think is the dirt marks on the window.

This is another shot i took of the metal supports i decided to shoot the joints of the metal supports i decided i wanted this one to look dark and just to pick out the detail on the stainless, really i wanted the same type of shot of the above shot. So it was shot around the same settings and the same angle, I like the way it has exaggerated the metal supports.

This image i decided to shoot at this angle because i saw another photograph of another building, i thought it was interesting so i looked around the building trying to capture the same kind of angle and essence of the building, As the sky looked brilliant so it fitted the kind of shot, If it was another day and it was gloomy i don't think this shot would work.

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