Thursday, 3 December 2009

Explain Yourself

Hello, I'm Dale

My thoughts and ideas on photography are really based in traditional photography. The way i use my camera to express myself is to portray a story or convey a mood.

The equipment i use at the moment includes lenses with the old Pentax M42 mount which are dated from the 1950's, which means the lenses themselves could tell a story never mind using them to take a image, I love the little flaws and the kind of image they produce they are not all crisp perfect photographs, they have characteristics and problems but it gives my photographs more feeling and moods i am looking for.

The course i study is Commercial photography at Wakefield College to gain knowledge of the commercial industry so i can develop photographic and business skills. My previous experiences include two weddings, were i learnt how to manage people while undertaking a photographic assignment. I feel that the creative side of photography is more interesting than the marketing side of the industry. But i realise i need to develop skills in both areas to be successful.

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