Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bussiness Studies

In this semester we have been learning the ways that the creative sector creates income to the economy and how much it contributes to the national ecomomy and the global economy, Looking at the way it does contribute i have found it quite amazing how many people work in this sector which shows how saturated the market is with commercial photographers, This has made me realise that i need to put myself at top of the board and to have innotive ideas to make myself stand out.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Candle in the wind!

This was a brief set by Tony Speight one of the tutors at college who does Proffesional Practice with us the breif was the photograph candles in a indoor location and had to not be studio shot, So i decided to shoot in my nanan's dining room as the table is a nice feature for the candles to sit on.

On the day i had the problem of not having a tripod on me which was very foolish and i wish i had one now as it would have made the images better, Another problem i had as i wanted a soft focus on the candles i had to use a long focal length but i struggled to fit the candles in frame with my 135mm 2.8 Pentacon lens which is a old m42 manual focus lens i use as i think it gives really nice images and is pin sharp if you focus correctly.

As i started shooting i set the candles up and shot them on there own and found the image too bland and boring so i decided to put plates in the shot and some little features my nan has in a bowl scattered around the candles, I found the images i took after much more interesting as it gave a bit more foreground interest, I found that i wasn't stable enough so to create a tripod i had to improvise, I used a bin and pillows the make the camera more stable, This worked and i think it was a good idea.

After i sorted my frame i wanted to take, I lit the candles and shot away just moving slightly everytime to get that picture perfect photograph, The one i chose is the one below;

The reason the image looks noisy is becuase the light was low so i had to rise up the ISO setting so i could get the effect i wanted. If i could have done this again i would have fetched some external lighting and use a tripod and i think the image quality would have increased alot!