Friday, 4 December 2009

Hula Hula

For the first studio practice we had to bring a item you would find in your house, as i'm an addict to Hula Hoops i thought i would photograph them as it would be difficult with the bright packet and the reflective surface of the foil.

When decided how i'd light it i thought i'd place the crisps onto a mirror, Large softbox behind as a backlight and a small rectangle softbox as a key light, i fired a few shots off and with the bag layed flat it didnt work. So i decided to get some bluetac and prop the bag up with the large chunk of the tac. I adjusted the lights a bit moved them around so that the crisps were shown in the reflection, here is the shot i decided to choose for the critique session.

I thought the image worked quite well as you cannot see the bluetac in any of the shots i like the way there are hightlights and shadows in the packet. When looking at packaging of other photographs i noticed they was all perfect and flat with no movement or crinkes in the foil. This annoyed me so i thought i would be different and just crunch up the bag and then shoot it to make it a more interesting, If i could go back and shoot this again i think i would try the shot on a selection of other backgrounds to get the best possible image.

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