Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Shooting Chipmunk, Skepta, Tinnie Tempah @ The Plug

I had organized for me to photograph at the live venue at The Plug in Sheffield, I got in the venue free of charge but i got no priority as to get on set and photograph near the artists but i had to wrestle with the crowd which was a tusstle as it was full of youths who just jammed the stage area as soon as i stepped in the place.

I was using very high iso as the lighting situation was very dark light set up with the odd bright lights used to light the artists when they were speaking to the crowd, I enjoyed the experience as it was really fun to listen to the music and shoot at the same time, I got some decent photographs from the shoot but i really struggled with the lens i had i was shooting on the 100-300mm which at low aperture is 5-6.3 which is very poor for shooting in low light situations.

In future i am going to look at investing in a 70-200mm 2.8 as i think that would allow me to expand myself as a photographer as it would give me more flexability to experiment with the low light conditions.

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