Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Learning Styles

At college we had been told that we needed to look at our learning styles to see what type of learner we was so we could work out a system that individuals know how to work to get the most from the course and to make it easier for them to learn, we were given two tests to complete which showed us which type of learner we were, my results came up that i was a kentic learner which means i learn from doing things and making mistakes and then correcting them, which is very true as i am a very practical kind of person, i do not enjoy sitting with books, reading peoples opinions and following tutorials on how to do stuff.

I am abit more forward than that i would like to just be given a task jump in head first and see what results i get, if i fail i will learn a lesson on how not to forsee that kind of task if one of the same type comes up, Also it is a lot more enjoyable to me to be photographing than sat in the class talking about photography, reading about other photographers and general research, some influence is good and ideas are much more important and should be carried out.

The test also showed what kind of person i am to react to homework and social situations it showed that if i come across something i cannot remember the name of i will call it a "thingy-majig" and that i would say i was going to complete some work but leave it to the last minute, these are the things that i need to take from other learning styles and incorperate them into my style of working so i get the work done to the best of my standards and in on time.

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